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While shopping our listings, you can expect to find high quality items at a reasonable price. We offer many unique items and some not so unique items. No matter what you item you chose, we are sure that you will be pleased with your purchase.

Our customers are number one!

We value each and every customer. Whether you buy items of lesser or greater value, makes no difference to us. Our customers are our first priority. We work very hard to provide you with a safe and enjoyable shopping experience.

Product Photos

We try very hard to use the best photo possible to represent each item we sell. As with most photos on the Internet, photos make the item appear larger than they truly are. This is to allow us to show the great detail and craftsmanship used to create our products.

Black Hills Gold

We are very proud to say that we are retailers of Coleman, Landstrom's and Dakota Gold & Silver by Wheeler. Our relationship with these very reputable companies allows us to offer buyers a large variety of high quality jewelry, while we keep the prices reasonable. When you purchase our Black Hills Gold Items, your purchase is covered by one of these companies' guarantees against defects in workmanship.

All of our Black Hills Gold products are straight from the factory, brand new and never worn. We also have most any size you might need. All of them come with a certificate of authenticity.

If you see a Black Hills Gold item with a gemstone and you like the style but would prefer a different stone, please email us. Several items are available with many different stones. We will make every effort to see that you get the stone you would like.

BHG Jewelry Weight:

From time to time we are questioned about the weight of our Black Hills Gold jewelry. Our Black Hills Gold jewelry is a work of art and is sold as such. We do not weigh our Balck Hills Gold.

Carat Weight Of Gemstones:

Every now and then someone wants to know the carat weight of our Black Hills Gold gemstones. We give the carat weight of diamond jewelry but we do not on gemstones. We only give measurements of gemstones that are not diamonds.

Diamond Weights:

All diamond weights are approximate and may vary +/- .03 carat.

Conflict Free Diamonds:

All diamonds in Landstrom's Black Hills Gold Jewelry & Wheeler are conflict free. This means that their diamonds do not originate from coflict countries. These diamonds are of certified origin which are guaranteed not to be obtained through the use of violence, human rights abuses, child labor, or environmental destruction. These diamonds are individually tracked through their full chain of custody to ensure that ethical practices are used in mining, cutting, and polishing.In addition, conflict-free diamonds are mined in an environmentally responsible fashion.

Ring Sizes:

All ring sizing outside of the listed ranges require a $20.00 resizing fee. Extreme sizes are $30 extra. For this reason, we ask you to contact us if you need a size outside of the ranges listed on the item.

Custom products such as rings that are sized upon request which are out of the sizes or stones offered in the listing or completely custom made to order items are not refundable. Please be sure that what you are ordering is what you truly want because we will not refund in such cases.

* About Black Hills Gold Jewelry Products And The Creation Of The Black Hills Gold Design

Almost all of them are 10K yellow gold with the BHG design on them. That is 10 and 12K solid gold. (Some wedding rings are 14K and 18K gold.) Those that are BHG on sterling silver have sterling silver shanks.

The BHG design usually lies on 10K gold unless the pendant is quite large and not very expensive. Gold is so high, that this is a dead giveaway. The chains are usually 14K gold filled unless otherwise specified. Once again, BHG on sterling silver comes on sterling silver chains and have a sterling silver base.

The BHG design usually lies on gold plated or gold filled base metal. If it is not indicated in a listing, please check what category it is listed in.

The posts, backs and wires are 14K yellow gold. The design is most always 10K yellow gold with the 12K BHG gold design on it. BHG on sterling earrings have stainless steel posts and backs or wires. The base of the earrings are sterling silver.

The accents, grapevines and clusters are always 10K yellow gold.

When it is BHG on Sterling, it is pretty obvious which parts are gold. It is usually the leaves and they are 12K gold.

Money Clips:
Usually are gold plated or gold filled base metal with the BHG design on them of 10K gold grapes and vines and 12K gold leaves. Some are created with a baked on black powder over the original base.

They vary and usually have additional info about the bezels, bands and etc. within the description.

How Green And Rose Gold Is Made:
Black Hills gold Jewelry is 10 Karat gold accented with 12 Karat rose and green gold leaves. The rose and green gold are made with alloys. Gold and silver alloys with a small amount of copper tend to be green. Gold and copper tend to be rose in color.
Our Black Hills Gold On Silver Products

All of our silver is sterling silver.
Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver (.925) metal. This standard is used to assure consistent quality among sterling products. Silver that is not "sterling" or ".925" has less pure silver content and will often be darker in color and less shiny. Sterling is 92.5% pure instead of 100% pure in order to achieve the requisite hardness and stability to resist wear and tear, and hold its shape.

Black Hills Gold Legend

According to legend, the Black Hills Gold design was created by French goldsmith, Henri Lebeau. Many years ago, the young Frenchman designed and made jewelry in Paris. After he perfected his method, he came to America. During the 1870's Gold Rush, he decided to go to California and make his fortune. When he reached the rugged Black Hills of South Dakota, he became lost. He wandered for days without food and water. Lebeau fell asleep and had a dream of a mountain stream with grapevines growing on the banks. Upon awakening, he walked over a rise and found the stream and grapevines just as he had dreamed and out of gratitude, he dedicated his life and talents to creating jewelry in the shapes of grape clusters and leaves fashioned in rose, green and yellow gold. The familiar design is almost the same today as it was a century ago. Today, each piece of Black Hills Gold Jewelry is manufactured through a series of up to 40 different steps and are necessary to capture the same dramatic detail. Each tiny leaf or swirl is made with infinite care. The perfection of detail requires that artists spend from one to eight hours creating a single piece. The exquisitely beautiful tri-color gold jewelry is custom made in Rapid City, South Dakota. The Legend also has it that good luck comes to all who wear Black Hills Gold Jewelry!

Shady Brady Hats

We are proud retailers of Shady Brady hats. We are so thrilled to add this wonderful product line to our store. Featuring raffia straw hats and beautiful hat bands, we are sure you will be able to find just the right hat for you. These hats are guaranteed by us for 7 days after purchase. Shady Brady guarantees the crushable hats (code 1-WW) for one full year after purchase. So, you have a double guarantee on your purchase of these lovely toppers, depending on your style choice.
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